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Castle Event Spain



This all inclusive event will happen in the Northern Spain region near Andorra at the magnificent 10th-century Spanish castle! This remarkable fortress, designated as a national treasure and dating back to 919, proudly sits atop a towering rocky hill, reaching an impressive altitude of 1000 meters. From this vantage point, guests will be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic Pyrenees Mountain Range.

The castle's rich history is evident in its various significant architectural elements, such as the awe-inspiring Stone Vault, skillfully constructed with precision and craftsmanship. Another noteworthy feature is the Tower of Homage, an integral part of the castle's structure that has stood the test of time. As visitors enter through the Portalada, the grand entrance to the castle grounds, they will be surrounded by both the exterior and interior walls, which have gracefully withstood centuries of history. The castle's ancient charm is further exemplified by the meticulously crafted Cistern, ingeniously carved into the castle's rocky foundation.

While the original castle holds a prominent place in history, the current rectory, occupying the site, was constructed during the 16th century, adding an additional layer of historical significance to the location.

For your convenience, the closest airport to the castle is Barcelona Airport (BCN), ensuring easy accessibility for all attendees. Join us at this enchanting venue, where time stands still, and the captivating beauty of the past merges with the present.

What's included


There will be 3 full shooting days, where models will be posing in different locations in the castle and around the castle through the whole day.



For this event we have specially selected beautiful and experienced art models from all over the world. There are four confirmed models - Jessica Relinda, Nausicaa Yami, Anato and Ilvy herself. Models will be available to pose for genres ranging from portraits, fashion, lingerie to artnude. The shooting ratio will be 1:1, so it means this is a small event and is limited to 4 photographers. There will be 3 full shooting days, where models will be posing in different locations in the castle and around the castle through the whole day.

Blue Camper Van


We offer an airport transfer to the castle on the arrival day, as well as airport transfer on the departure day. It is a 2 hours drive from Barcelona airport to the castle. If the client is arriving or departing outside the appointed pickup and drop off times, the client will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport.



Your accommodations will be in the castle, where modern comfort meets historic charm. Every participant will have their own private double bed bedroom and 4 shared bathrooms for the entire group

Slicing Meat


All meals will be cooked by our private chef. On your arrival day we will meet and greet you with a nice dinner at the castle. During the full shooting days our chef will be cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the departure day we will have a farewell breakfast and then we will take you to the airport


Full package €3700


This is an all inclusive event - all you have to do is show up at the Barcelona airport ( BCN) and we will take care of all the rest.

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