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Terms and Conditions

  • All clients before signing up are requested to read these terms and conditions. By booking your place at “Ilvy PhotoArt Events” you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.

  • We require a deposit of 700 euros to reserve your place at the event, which should be paid within a week of your sign up. The rest of the sum can be divided in parts and the whole amount must be paid not later than one month prior to the event's beginning date. Clients should cover all transfer fees that might occur. 

  • Cancellation policy. Deposit is non refundable, all other payments are refundable only if we find a replacement for your spot at the event. In case of a canceled event we will give a full refund.

  • We can secure your spot only if you have completed the sign up form on our website and paid the deposit.

  • Please keep us informed regarding your arrival and departure flights as we are organizing airport transfers. If the client is arriving or departing outside the appointed pickup and drop off times, the client will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport.

  • We will provide you with a half-commercial model release. It means that you can use the pictures for your portfolio, social sites, selling prints, making exhibitions but we prohibit using pictures on paysites (such as OnlyFans etc.). When pictures are published, please credit properly everyone involved in the event - model, styling and our event “Ilvy PhotoArt Events”.

  • On the last evening there will be a photo contest, and it is your free will to participate or not. We will ask you to send in the 3 best images that you have taken on this event. Viewing and voting for the best images will happen, and the best 3 images will receive a prize. 

  • Clients are responsible for their flights, as well as travel, health and equipment insurance. We cannot be held responsible for health problems, lost, stolen or damaged equipment. 

  • It is the client's responsibility to let us know about allergies, special diets or specific health conditions. Some of our events require hiking, so please be prepared.

  • Please do not photograph models when they are eating, changing clothing etc. It is their free time and their permission from such photos must be asked first.

  • Please do not book models for extra shoots during our event as they will shoot 6-8 hours a day already. If interested in booking models outside of our event, let us know.

  • If a model cancels we will find an equivalent replacement model for the event.

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