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Lielstraupe Castle

Lielstraupe Castle, also known as Schloss Gross-Roop, is a historical landmark situated in Straupe Parish, Cēsis Municipality, Vidzeme, Latvia. Originating in the 13th century, it became the center of the emerging village of Straupe in the 14th century. A substantial tower was added around 1600. The castle underwent significant restoration after a fire in 1905, overseen by architect Wilhelm Bockslaff. It has a rich history, initially serving as the residence of the Archbishopric of Riga. Over time, it changed hands between notable figures, including the Rosen family and General Baron Johann Gustav von Rosen. During the Soviet era, it had various uses, from a machine-tractor station to a narcological hospital, retaining traces of its early 20th-century interiors. Notably, historical hospital furniture and elements remain intact in one part of the castle, adding to its unique historical character. The wooden clock on the castle's inner courtyard-facing tower wall further contributes to its historical charm.

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