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Zvartava Manor

Zvārtava Manor, also known as Zvārtavas muižas pils, is an enchanting historical gem located in the picturesque Gaujiena Parish, within the Smiltene Municipality of northern Latvia. This splendid manor, built in 1881, stands as a testament to Tudor Neo-Gothic architecture, boasting an aura of timeless elegance. Its rich history dates back to the 15th century when it was known as "Adsel-Schwarzhof." Over the centuries, Zvārtava Manor changed hands among various noble families, including the von Delvig and von Fersen clans. After World War II, the manor served various purposes, from a school to a collective farm storage facility. In 1970, it found new life as the property of the Latvian Artists Union, now hosting international artists' seminars and exhibitions. The complex comprises a castle, a gardener's house, a barn, a windmill, stables with artists' workshops, and more. With its neo-Gothic charm and a stone threshold bearing the Latin inscription "Hic habitat Felicitas, nihil mali intret" (Happiness lives here, nothing bad comes in), Zvārtava Manor exudes an air of creativity and historic allure, making it an ideal location for a captivating photo event.

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