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All inclusive, unique  photoshoot events

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Ilvy PhotoArt Events are organized by Latvian model Ilvy Kokomo and her team. These are artistic photo retreats where we welcome photographers with all levels of experience to create beautiful images in the most picturesque locations with carefully selected talented models from all over the world. We will always keep the shooting ratio 2:1 (two photographers work with one model) or 1:1 (one photographer works with one model) so you could entirely fulfill your own ideas. Our events are all inclusive, so you won't have to worry about the transportation, accommodation or food.

Upcoming Events


Manor Muses 2:1 May Edition



Stāmerienas pils-7.jpg

Manor Muses 1:1 June Edition




Castle Event - Spain

22-26.03.2024 & 26-30.03.2024


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