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Waterfall Event Latvia

August 2023


The Waterfall Event in Latvia was a true marvel, leaving us all in awe and eager to share our experiences. With eight skilled photographers and four graceful models (Morfeja, Silvy Sirius, Mischkah and Ilvy Kokomo), this event was an artistic triumph. Additionally, the styling for this event was masterfully provided by Liva Šteina, the talented stylist and designer behind the Latvian lingerie brand, Flash You And Me. Her contribution added an extra layer of creativity and sophistication to the visual narratives woven throughout the event, making it even more exceptional.

Photographers collaborated in pairs, each with a model, capturing the elegance of the human form with a touch of artistic magic. They also ventured into duos and quartets, producing a visual symphony of forms and emotions.

Our journey took us to two historic manors, where we embraced a timeless atmosphere. We also explored the Western part of Latvia at the historical Northern Forts, capturing the beauty of our models against the rugged Baltic Sea and striking abandoned buildings. This added another layer of intrigue to our photography adventure, showcasing Latvia's rich history and natural beauty. The pinnacle of our experience was the sunrise session at Europe's widest waterfall, where nature and the human form combined to create mesmerizing images.

This event was a delightful blend of creativity and play, resulting in an album of truly amazing pictures. The Waterfall Event in Latvia provided a unique opportunity for artistic discovery and connection, leaving all involved with unforgettable memories.

Photos from the Event

Delve into a treasury of backstage snapshots, participants' artistic creations, and spontaneous, lighthearted captures. These images open a window into the genuine camaraderie and unbridled joy that infused the atmosphere at the Waterfall Event in Latvia. From the inception of creative ideas to the shared laughter and unforgettable interactions, these pictures paint an authentic canvas of the unique connections and artistic expressions that adorned this remarkable event.

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